This May Day, Online Event

Monday, May 1st, at 8:30 EST

Second Annual May Day Event, short and sweet! 

You are warmly invited to attend! This May Day gathering is put together by the Labor Committee of WSA (Anarchist-Syndicalist, Friends with IWA)

This Jitsi link will get you in the meeting (contact us if you have trouble getting in):

Contact us at:

(we will check during the meeting) 

A short program:

  • Song: “May Day (Education)” — by Martin Traphagen
  • Annual One-Minute May Day Speech
  • Sex Work and Labor Rights Intro
  • Poem: “Vodka & Cocoa Puffs” — by Clarissa Rogers
  • Relaxed report backs from May Day Events and Issues

Happy May Day Comrades!!! 

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